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The flame retardants market


The worldwide consumption of flame retardants amounts to more than 2.39 Million tons in 2019. Aluminium hydroxide is the largest single flame retardant at 38% share. Second are the halogenated flame retardant systems comprising brominated and chlorinated products which are commonly used together with the synergist antimony trioxide, in total 30%. Organophosphorus and other flame retardants like e.g. inorganic phosphorus compounds, nitrogen and zinc based flame retardants make up the rest at 32%. Over the last decade there is a trend towards substituting legacy halogenated flame retardants with more sustainable non-halogenated products.

According to a 2020 market study of IHS Consulting, the consumption of flame retardants has grown substantially in the past 4 years, notably in electronics, and will continue to grow at a global annualized rate of 2.7% between 2019 and 2025. Flame retardants are mainly consumed by the plastics/resin industry. Textiles and rubber products account for most of the rest. Asia consumed the largest volume of flame retardants in 2019 with a 51% share, with China being the largest single consumer at 27%.

Source: IHS Consulting 2020
Source: IHS Consulting 2020